Hi, my name is Bebe [BB]. she/her/hers pronouns
I am a licensed social worker and artist, originally from New York City and now located in Pennsylvania.

Throughout the years, I had my fair share of therapists who were not a good match. I knew what I wanted out of therapy but finding a therapist I felt comfortable with, was difficult. Eventually, I found one who provided me with an abundance of support and guidance. I was able to start processing childhood trauma and eventually heal from past life experiences. Our time together produced an awareness of my own empathic abilities and interest in helping others change their life trajectory. I enrolled back into graduate school, with the intent of becoming a support for those who seek improvement in all areas of their life.

I created Counseling for The Weirdos to provide a much needed community for those who do not totally fit into mainstream society. We are the loners, empaths, nonconformists, artists, creatives, energy healers, introverts and outsiders. This is a safe space where every part of You is welcome here and You are encouraged to be your true self.

For the purposes of our work together, I am your coach and supportive guide. Our sessions are meant for confronting, revealing + releasing, healing. I will help You confront issues, reveal new insights and release old unhelpful patterns to start your self - healing journey.

Ultimately, what we focus on in counseling is up to You. You can talk to me about anything.

There is no need to do this alone.

I welcome those from all professions, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender expressions.
Credentials & Approach
Professional Credentials:
  • Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling, University of Metaphysical Sciences
  • Master of Social Work, Rutgers University
  • EMDR Therapy, The Institute for Creative Mindfulness
I am a therapist, specializing in individual, relationship & sex therapy.
Practice areas include career & life transitions, relationship & intimacy issues and addressing problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and somatic responses.

I do not adhere to traditional talk therapy, as I feel it to be limiting. Instead, I prefer to incorporate evidence - based practices (EMDR Therapy), Expressive Arts Therapy and other complementary methods into our sessions. As an artist, I enjoy utilizing various modalities - drawing, writing, painting, nature - based activities, etc. to help facilitate the healing, change and growth of those who work with me.

My practice is strengths - based, solution - focused & seeks to support your holistic self (mind, body and spirit). I welcome the ability to assist you in self - growth and self - actualization. We will work together to resolve barriers that have interfered with you experiencing joy, compassion, peace, spiritual connection and love. I am truly blessed to support my clients on their sacred journey.

My hope is that all people can experience improved relationships with themselves and others, all while living in peace, purpose and pleasure.